Restoring the true potential of Suzuki VZR 1800 ECUnleashed

We are proudly presenting the results of our recently work with the French bike. As you might suspect, just like most of the vehicles from France this one was also restricted and our task was to bring out the full potential of the bike. As you can clearly see from the dyno runs enlisted below it runs at its 100% from now on. We have increased the rev limiter for another 300. The restrictions were dealt with by reflashing the ECU - here helped our partnership with ECUnleashed. The blockade was set on the ignition maps which can be clearly seen from the runs - at around 6500 rpm you can see for yourself how the restriction worked. Unfortunately, the owner has tried to unlock his bike at "different place" prior to ours and told us how they were trying to deal with them... At least he was lucky enough not to get his ECU messed up this time.  

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