About us

Toxic Moto was established in 2009. Right now, there are five people actively contributing to the business. Marcin, alias "Father", is a mechanical specialist who takes care of bike's maintenance. Roman Senior is continuously improving in the field of tuning and it is his drive that enables Toxic Moto to truly stand out and bring out the maximum potential of your bike with the resources available. Ania and Roman Jr are taking care of logistics, retail and wholesale of the business. The 5th person is Wojtek, who acts as customer assistant specialist and takes care of all e-commerce solutions. We are not only trying to repair your bikes but also improve them, especially by tuning the engines. In this field, we are very grateful to polish importer of Rapid Bike, thanks to who we are learning the know-how of tuning world. In the next season, we are looking forward to further expand our range of professional equipment and diagnostic tools, as well as further develop our retail sales of motorcycle parts. In 2012, we have become an official Authorized Tuning Center of ECUnleashed and as such we are began to offer their chip tuning services, such as deletion of the bike's restriction and many other features that become possible by reflashing the ECUs.  

As we are looking forward to meeting people from other countries we can supply potential bikers with a place to store their bike while visiting Wroclaw! Do not hesitate to contact us! :)